Monday, August 17, 2009


Remember in the battle of Troy, when the Greeks, after years of battle with the Trojans, appeared to give up and retreat from the battle. They left a huge wooden horse on the battlefield which fooled the Trojans into believing it was a gift to the Gods? After the Trojans brought the "gift" into their fort, that night when all the Trojans were celebrating and drunk with their apparently victory, several Greek warriors hidden inside the great wooden horse slithered down a ladder to the ground and opened the fort gates to admit the entire Greek army, and of course the sacking of Troy and a total Trojan defeat. So, when you hear that the Democrats are in retreat in Health Care, just remember, "BEWARE OF DEMOCRATS BEARING GIFTS." The time for pressure, pressure, pressure is now. Don't let up or we will see a victory for this diabolical Health Care reform.

Below is a link to a Dick Morris article, that is already somewhat in error, as the Obama administration now claims that Sebelius spoke incorrectly Sunday and that nothing has changed with the HC plan. Watch your backs!


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