Saturday, May 2, 2009


There are few times in political history that a person will throw themselves on a sword over principles that guide their lives. Such is the case with Andrew McCarthy (editor at National Review Online, former attorney in the US Attorneys office, the Southern District of New York, which is Manhattan) when he wrote a rejection letter to Eric Holder, the current Attorney General of the United States. Mr McCarthy refused to attend the President’s Task Force on Detention Policy meeting because he concluded that the round table discussion would be nothing more than a propaganda piece which the Obama Administration would sell to useful fools in the media and on their couches that “would demonstrate” that they got input from both sides of the aisle on the issue. The Obama policy has already been decided. Statements have already been made which lay out the course of action that will dictate the detention policy. Mr. McCarthy did not attend because in his view it was a sham and was not an attempt to get input, but merely an attempt to generate the appearance of bi-partisanship for PR purposes.

Mr. McCarthy demonstrated the conviction of his beliefs reminiscent of the spirit and principles that guided our founding fathers as they struggled to form this Republic. They vocally dissented against the powers that were in command and stood up for principles that guided them in the epic struggle against the Kingdom of Great Britain to establish these United States of America. This letter is a must read. Click on the below link to read the complete transcript.


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