Sunday, May 24, 2009


As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, we pause to remember and honor those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who have risen to the call to protect us. They stood in the face of danger to defend our values, our rights, and our way of life. They were patriots and heroes, and we shall never forget that when duty called, they stood and sacrificed everything for us. Among the rights they protected for us is the sacred right to vote.
At this late hour in the 81st session of the Texas Legislature, your state needs you. Democrats are stalling bills regarding veterans' benefits, public education funding, teacher pay raises, tax reform, eminent domain and other important issues simply because they don't want to move through the calendar of bills and face a vote on the the Voter ID bill. So they are stalling by "chubbing," and bringing the House to a crawl.
Our Republican House members are unified and standing firm for the normal order of business, while the other side wants to create chaos.
Nearly 70 percent of the citizens of our state support mandating photo ID to cast a vote in our elections, yet the Democrats under Rep. Jim Dunnam's direction are standing in the way. At a press conference Wednesday they tried to bluff the media into thinking that they had the votes to block Voter ID - even though the majority of this state wants it. That strategy failed when a third of the Democratic Caucus failed to show up. Then they threatened to run out of town rather than face a vote on Voter ID - even though the majority of this State wants it. When that strategy also failed, they brought the House to a grinding halt by engaging in chatter on non-controversial bills, just to slow down the House and keep themselves from having to face the Voter ID bill. In this filibuster action, the Dunnam Democrats are keeping the House from doing the people's business. The Dunnam Democrats are blocking needed action on the Texas Department of Insurance sunset bill. The Dunnam Democrats are blocking needed action on a bill that would deal with organized crime in our state. They are blocking needed action on a bill that would protect our children from predators.

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